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Where to buy the best drag wigs in the UK

Where to buy the best drag wigs in the UK

If you’re a drag queen, a drag enthusiast or even just someone who likes dressing up, then finding an affordable but quality drag wig has never been easier. With the rise in popularity of RuPaul’s Drag Race UK, access to unstyled drag wigs is just a click away.

To make it easier, I’ve compiled a list of some of my favourite drag wig suppliers for you to peruse to your heart’s content.

Please note: these are non-styled, out-of-the-bag, shake-and-go wigs. Some of these suppliers may offer styling services too, though you’re going to be paying significantly more for that. For those of you looking to wear as-is or style yourself, read on.

What a Drag

Every drag queen worth their salt knows What a Drag at this point. While they’re most famous for their lashes, they also do sickening lace front drag wigs too. The What a Drag wigs feature a deep six-inch parting, baby hairs and extra-large lace (and at Fully Drag, we love anything six inches and extra large). They come in several ready-to-wear styles in all your favourite, attention-grabbing colours – my favourite is the lime green, because, y’know… Envy.

You’re looking at around £54.99 as a starting price, with the price increasing if you add a topper on.

Make sure you use code ENVY10 at checkout to get 10% off all What a Drag. You’re welcome!
What a Drag wigs in pink
What a Drag wigs in lime green
What a Drag wigs in blonde

How’s Your Head? Wigs

Meticulously designed by the creative team behind Give Face Cosmetics (RIP), How’s Your Head? Wigs are, according to their website, “the most diverse spectrum of wig shades and structures in the synthetic wig market”… which is a fancy way of saying they’re bloody good drag wigs!

The great thing about How’s Your Head? Wigs is that they have different wig-types in different price ranges: hard-front wigs, meaning you’ll need to wear them with a fringe to hide the front; standard lace-fronts, which look great out of the bag; and theatrical lace-fronts, the higher quality wigs that can be styled more intricately.

The lace-front is a gorgeous Swiss lace which disappears when pressed against the skin. The wig hair itself, hand-tied for a realistic hairline, is 200% density meaning with a bit of teasing you can get VOLUME. Just what you want from your drag wig!

They come in a variety of shades, from natural to metallic to pastel, and one of these gorgeous lace-front gals will start at about £89.95. Make sure you grab one of yours today!

How's Your Head? Lace-Front Wig in Pink
How's Your Head? Lace-Front Wig in Yellow
How's Your Head? Lace-Front Wig in Violet

Webster Wigs

One of the most popular and diverse drag wig suppliers around. Webster Wigs will have almost any type of wig that you’re looking for. They sell both lace front and hard front wigs, meaning the wig won’t blend into your scalp. This hard front is usually hidden with a fringe.

You can easily grab a hard front wig from £45 and a lace front wig from £75. You can even get yourself a whopping 65″ lace front wig, if you’re feeling your Lady GoDIVA drag fantasy (new drag name, anyone?).

Unlike some providers on this list, Webster Wigs also occasionally sells human hair wigs and pre-styled drag wigs. Both of these can easily set you back several hundred pounds but will be a sickening addition to any drag wardrobe.

Webster Wig Ariel in Starfire
Webster Wig Evie in Ash Blonde Ombre
Webster Wig Limited Edition Berry Blonde


If you’ve seen wigs being sold anywhere in the UK, the likelihood is that they came from a Chinese wholesaler and were then repackaged and rebranded in the UK. The benefit of AliExpress is that you can buy straight from the wholesaler, meaning you avoid the added costs for branding and packaging in the UK.

One of the best drag wig sellers on AliExpress is ImStyle, where you can grab yourself a pretty decent wig for under £40. This is like half the price of a local retailer. If you do it right, you could end up with a gorgeously thick head of hair and practically invisible lace, without breaking the bank.

Of course, the downside is that they’re based in China, meaning your shipping times are extended. There’s also a risk buying through AliExpress that the product could arrive not exactly as described. If that were to happen, it might be harder to arrange a refund. This has never happened to me (so far) with ImStyle.

ImStyle drag wig in blue
ImStyle drag wig in green
ImStyle drag wig in natural strawberry blonde


The dreaded A word! But sometimes, buying from an independent retailer isn’t feasible. Even though they’re often better quality, they can be expensive when you’re just starting out. Amazon, like AliExpress, has a few low-cost wig sellers… with the benefit of being based in the UK.

One of the few Amazon drag wig retailers that I’ve had success with is K’ryssma. They come in a variety of colours and, while the lace isn’t perfect, are definitely good for the price. A drag wig from Amazon is usually reasonably priced under £40 – bargain! It can be very hit or miss though.

I also find that you sometimes have to search through what I call “daytime wigs” before you find a good drag wig. That being said, it makes it all the more satisfying when you do find a beautiful hidden gem.

K'ryssma drag wig in pink
K'ryssma drag wig in blonde
K'ryssma drag wig in grey

Those are my top favourite drag wig suppliers for those of us in the UK. From the often more-reliable, queer-owned businesses to the larger corporations. Of course, there are hundreds of places selling wigs out there, all across the world. Do you have a favourite that I didn’t include? Let me know in the comments below.

None of these product recommendations have been paid for, though this page may contain some affiliate links. This means if you make a purchase through the link, I earn a little bit of commission.

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