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Top 13 Drag Queens we want to see on RuPaul's Drag Race

Top 13 drag queens we want to see on RuPaul’s Drag Race UK

It’s been in discussions for ages (remember Jonathan Ross talking about it back in 2014?) but it seems RuPaul’s Drag Race UK is finally happening, coming to BBC Three in 2019. Of course, while this is all very exciting, the main question is “which queens are going to be on season one?”.

We have a wealth of talented queens in the UK – albeit our queens are a lot different than those over in the US – so here’s my definitive list of the the 13 queens I’d love to see on the first season of RuPaul’s Drag Race UK.

Top 13 drag queens we want to see on RuPaul's Drag Race UK

Cheryl Hole

There’s something about an Essex accent that just makes someone 10x more charming, and Cheryl Hole is nothing if not charming. Charisma wafts off her in abundance (well, something wafts off her).

Not only that, the gel [insert Essex accent here] can smash out a lip sync (Charlie Hides is shook), so while I hope she wouldn’t end up in the bottom two, a Cheryl Hole lip sync for your life would be incredible to watch! How many deathdrops do you think she can fit into a season?

Being officially endorsed by Alyssa Edwards must count for something, right?

Divina de Campo

Campo in name, campo in nature. This Opera-singing queen would give those other singing queens a run for their money and I can see her being funny as heck.

Not only that, but she’s already been making the rounds on broadcast TV, so RuPaul’s Drag Race UK would just be another one to add to the already long list.

Danny Beard

The differences in culture between the UK and the US gives me hope that we’ll see a more diverse type of drag performer on RuPaul’s Drag Race UK. While we’ve never seen someone like Danny Beard on the US version of the show, our drag is a lot more camp in the UK, and Danny’s particular brand of genderbending is enough to set the UK version of the show apart.

That, and I’d love to get to episode 2 and hear Michelle ask if “these leotards are going to be a common theme” and have Danny continue to slay regardless.

Cheddar Gorgeous


Can you honestly imagine how absolutely dazzling the sewing challenges would be if everyone had just a third of the talent Cheddar and the Family Gorgeous have? Just the makeup alone is enough to gag me but Cheddar knows how to pull an entire look together. I don’t doubt at all her ability to kill a look challenge.

Her personal style is zany, whacky and out of this world. It’s high fashion. It’s intricate. It’s everything we want and need for RuPaul’s Drag Race UK.

Not just that but if I could have most of Cheddar’s workroom preparation be topless then I (and everyone watching) will be very, very happy…

The Vivienne

As the official RuPaul’s Drag Race UK Ambassador it’s very likely that we’re going to see The Vivienne make an appearance in some form on the UK version of the show.

I’d love to see her make it at least as far as Snatch Game, as she’s known for being an incredible Cher impersonator –  though with Chad Michaels having been Cher in Season 4, the bar is set pretty high.

She’s also STUN-NING. Those eyebrows! That body-ody-ody! I want the Vivienne on RuPaul’s Drag Race UK just so I can watch all of that werk it down the runway. Again.

Vanity von Glow

Provided they’ve got a piano, a bottle of poppers and lots of bubble wrap to protect Ru from a sharp-tongued lashing, then Vanity von Glow could sing her way into the hearts of the public on a UK Drag Race.

I’m hoping the UK version will have a lot more talent portions than we’ve seen in the last few years on US Drag Race.  Vanity can sing. Like, really sing, not just drag sing. She’s well known for filling up a piano bar with her one woman shows so I know she’d smash a singing challenge.

I’m sure there’s an army of twinks out there that agree with me too.

Candy Vanity Heals

Every season has that one drag queen that makes you cock your head and think “huh?” and that’s exactly why I want to see Candy Vanity Heals on RuPaul’s Drag Race UK. She’s kooky in all the right ways and I always walk away from her with my sides hurting.

I want someone bizarre! I want someone who says something that makes me nod in agreement until I realise I didn’t understand a f*&%king thing she said. I want to laugh, I want to scream, and Candy can deliver.

Olympia Avalanche

You might know her from her viral comedy video with fellow queen Nova, where Olympia is a woman addicted to pretending she is furniture. It’s hilarious, genius and was my first foray into the world of Olympia.

If Olympia makes it onto RuPaul’s Drag Race UK then I feel sorry for the other queens when it comes to Snatch Game, because this comedy queen is going to snatch that one out from under them (see what I did there?).

Her Instagram is littered with HI-LA-RI-OUS parodies of YouTubers, including a Trisha Paytas one that made me scream and exorcise my laptop, so let’s keep our fingers crossed Olympia can get this in front of Ru.

Mary Mac

This one is obvious. Glasgow’s finest export has been touring the UK and belting out showstoppers since before I was a wee bonny lass, and I can see a singing challenge with Mary and Vanity heading two opposing teams going down a treat!

I’d also love to see the confusion on the US-watchers’ faces when they try and understand a Scottish accent. “Eye? Why does she keep talking about her eye!”

Son of a Tutu

If you’ve ever been to Heaven on a Thursday and watched Porn Idol then you’ve definitely seen Son of a Tutu cracking some quip about some poor twink’s genitals or flat ass. Harsh though she may be, you laugh anyway, because it’s Son of a Tutu and she’s funny.

I reckon the biggest challenge for RuPaul’s Drag Race UK is ensuring that humour we’re so famous for translates to this US-originated show. If it does, I have no doubt I’ll be pissing all over my lounge listening to Tutu reading her fellow contestants.

Baga Chipz

Now if you didn’t see Drag Queens of London back in 2014 then you might not be in love with Baga as the rest of us, but she stole the focus (and our hearts) with her sparkling personality and potty mouth.

Baga also has something different to offer. Though beautiful, she’s not afraid to get a little bit mucky and rough it up for a laugh, and I can definitely see her pull out a Corrie character or even Nigella for Snatch Game.


Some queens have such beautiful looks that they just make you wanna stab your eyes out so you don’t have to look at it anymore. Lill can do it all; campy, high fashion, spooky, glamorous, rock-and-roll… you name it, Lill’s done it.

Her gorgeous looks would definitely have judges gagging as she struts down the runway, teeth first (those big, beautiful teeth…). I dare them to try and find a single flaw.

Lolo Brow

Have we ever had a true burlesque queen on RuPaul’s Drag Race before? Or a cis female drag queen, at that? This could be exactly what RuPaul’s Drag Race UK needs to set it apart from the US version. And Lolo Brow could be exactly the queen to do that.

Not only is she gorgeous, tantalising and makes you question gender all in one go, but I’d love to see the judges faces when she snorts a condom up her nose. Might be just the thing to push poor Ru over the edge…

And that’s it, my top 13 queens that I’d love to see on RuPaul’s Drag Race UK! Did your favourite queen make the list? Let me know down below if you agree, or if you know someone else you’d love to see on the show.


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