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What a Drag Lashes

The best 301 lashes in the UK

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past year or so, it’s very likely that you’ve heard of the brand What a Drag. They’ve taken the drag world by storm with their 301 lashes appearing everywhere – with even Willam of RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 4 fame endorsing them.

Never one to ignore a passing bandwagon, I grabbed myself a few pairs and wrote some words, because I’m a real blogger. Then the boys at What a Drag, always with one foot on everyone’s throat, decided to release more products. And more products. And more. Honestly, ladies, it’s a struggle to keep up.

For now, I’ll be covering the Lashes, and I’ll come back to the What a Drag wigs at a later date – so y’all better subscribe so you can find out what I have to say.

Top Lashes

The 301 Submissive Lashes were the first lashes I bought from What a Drag. They didn’t have the thicker, 301 Dominant lash back then (in my day).

They’re very fluffy and long, which makes a change compared to some 301s out there that look very blocky and fake. I do like them, but they’re definitely a lash you need to stack. A single 301 Submissive lash would not be enough for a drag eye, in my opinion.

On the plus side, they’re only £4.99, which is incredibly cheap for a 301 lash, and super durable. Meaning you can buy a few pairs and stack them to your heart’s content.

The 301 Dominant Lashes are the game changer. Calling them Dominant is correct because I had no choice but to submit and give What a Drag every last coin when they released these gorgeous drag lashes.

They’ve got length AND thickness, which is what we all want, right ladies? They make your eyes look incredible and give them a really dramatic, drag flair.

I still prefer to stack these, because I like a reeeaaally big, full drag lash, but I can easily see these being worn by themselves by a queen who prefers a more “natural” eye.

And at ONLY £6.95 a pair you can’t really say no to grabbing yourself a few boxes. You can also use code ENVY10 for 10% off your next purchase!

I… haven’t tried the 3D Versatile Lashes or the Femme Top Lashes. I’m sorry. I’m not a real influencer, okay? They both look really cute though – super fluffy.

I’d probably stack either of these with a 301 Dominant Lash for a layered look. The 3D Versatile Lash will give you more of a fluffy, realistic look while the Femme Top Lashes are super spiky and dramatic.

Maybe I’ll buy a pair and edit this bit. More reason to come back, right?

Power Bottom Lashes

I wasn’t initially a fan of the Power Bottom Lashes because I wasn’t a fan of the shape, both in the box and pictures I’ve seen of people wearing them.

If you’re thinking the same, you should ignore your initial thoughts and give them a go – they wear much nicer in person, especially if you separate all the individual pieces.

I personally prefer my bottoms to be a bit more sparse – spikier and less rounded – but these are definitely something I’ll come back to and use now and then (or, maybe if we ask nicely the boys at What a Drag will deliver a new bottom, eh?).

Paper Lashes

I want to love everything about What a Drag, because they’re amazing, they support the community and they’re generally all around lovely guys.

But I need to know one thing. The Handmade Paper Lashes: why are these a thing? And even more importantly, who is buying them?!

I don’t believe that there isn’t a queen out there who can’t grab some black card and cut themselves something to the same effect.

I don’t want to tell anyone to not buy these, because I’m all for supporting small, queer businesses… but I really don’t want to believe that we’ve got to the point that a drag queen can’t even cut her own bit of card. Come on gals…

Rant over.


The brand is a great concept and I really love how hard they’ve been giving it to us over the past few months! You can’t go on any UK drag performer’s Instagram without seeing a “Lashes by What a Drag” credit.

This excites me. I love small businesses, I love queer businesses and I love anything that facilitates the art of drag.

As I mentioned before, they’ve also released a range of wigs, which I’ll do a separate review about, but they really are dominating the lashes sphere right now and positioning themselves as the top of the game (and who doesn’t love a top, girls?).

I’d love to see them expand even further – maybe some “create your own drag nails” sets, some really good paint stick foundations for drag or thick, matte, seamless tights so I don’t have to spend £20 at Capezio anymore… There’s so much potential here and I’m sure the guys at the brand have a vision for where they want to be. It’s all very exciting.

The website is also fully pink, which I love (obviously).


Now I’m not a huge packaging queen (although I do love a huge package). I hate brands that put design, energy and ultimately your money into something that will go in the bin. There are some incredible brands out there that have amazing products with very simple packaging that can be easily recycled.

That being said, I am absolutely in love with the What a Drag lash boxes. They’re a gorgeous pink colour with a catchy logo on the front, but they’re made out of cardboard which doesn’t seem to have bumped the price up.

Despite being cardboard, it doesn’t seem flimsy or fragile. In fact they seem stronger than most lash boxes, which usually come in crappy transparent plastic package which makes transporting lashes a pain. These boxes are not only super cute but practical too.

There you have it, my review of What a Drag. I would definitely recommend you buy yourself at least two pairs of the 301 Dominant Lashes for £6.95 each. These and all their lashes are available at https://whatadrag.co.uk/.

Dom and Bradley, the owners of What a Drag, really are amazing and I couldn’t think of two people who deserve all the amazing things that are happening for them. I’m excited to see what comes next.

Have you tried What a Drag lashes? Let me know in the comments below what you thought of them, or if you’re going to grab some after having read this – don’t forget your code ENVY10 for 10% off!

Prices were correct at the time of writing. None of these recommendations have been paid for and are all my own opinions, though I may earn a percentage of the sales if you use my affiliate code.

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